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1A. Consumer or Enterprise class E-mail Hosting
Hosting - $5-$15/month (15% discount for annual) :
- includes 5 POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts (addl. email accounts in increments of 5 mailboxes.)
  Additional blocks of 5 email accounts: X $5-15 / month
1B. Mac OS X (Unix) Web Hosting Plans:
Basic Plan - $10/month or $100/year:
- 750 MB storage
Standard Plan - $20/month or $200/year:
- 1 GB storage
SQL Database Plan - $30.00/month or $300/year:
- 2 GB storage
- Requires PHP coding
1C. Other Server Hosting Plans:
Basic Plan - $10/month or $100/year:
- 500 MB storage
Standard Plan - $20/month or $200/year:
- 2 GB storage
SQL Server Database Plan - $30.00/month or $300/year:
(supporting other environments such as ColdFusion, .NET, etc.)
- 2 GB storage

Select Hosting Options (limited for Basic Plans):
- I need a CMS (such as WP, Drupal, etc..) environment to publish my site: Yes
- I need Microsoft .Net environment for this site: Yes
- I will need Database access FTP access

1D. Custom E-Commerce/Online Store Hosting: $100.00 setup, $10 - $30 per month hosting.
Shopping Cart - configured and managed by user
1E. Additional Hosting Services:
Qty MB

Additional Disk Space for Hosting Account
$2.00 per additional 1000 MB per month
Web Design starting at $495 Includes one year Basic Hosting Plan
Enterprise Email spam & Virus Filtering Service - $3 per mailbox in increments of 5 mailboxes
List email Services
Additional charges may apply (Standard Plan or greater)

1F. Cloud Server - $250 - $800.00/month depending on CPU, Capacity, RAM, and RAID configuration - FREE Setup:
Total number of Servers:
Important - Please Note:
At least one registered domain name is required to host your web site. If you have not registered a domain name yet, click on the link to register using our domain name service:

When going through the registration process, leave the default setting for "use Domain Name Store Name Servers" - which will point to InnoTech name servers - DO NOT select "Park Domain"

Primary Web Site Domain Name:

Additional Web Site Domain Name Aliases:
List 1 domain name on each line for any domain name aliases that will be pointed to your main web site (charges may be incurred for domain name hosting depending on which hosting plan is selected).
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